Rabu, 10 Februari 2010

Effective Leadership : Part I

Leadership can be defined in many different ways, partly because it has been examined from perspective of so many different fields of endeavor. Leadership has been defined as it applies to military, athletics, education, business etc.

"Effective leadership is the ability to inspire people to make a total, willing, and voluntary commitment to accomplishing or exceeding organizational goals"[Effective Leadership, David L. Goetsch].

The characteristic of leadership are persuasiveness, positive influence, good communication skills, positive role model, and balanced commitment.
Effective leaders are committed to both the job to be done and the people who must do it. Effective leaders project a positive example at all times. Leaders who project "Do as I say not as I do" will not be effective leaders. Leaders must inspire the employees, willing to do what they expect from the workers, do it better, do it right, do it consistently. Effective leaders is also a good communicator and persuasiveness. They are willing, patient, and skilled listeners, and also able to communicate their ideal clearly.

The type of leadership are Autocratic, Democratic, Participative, Goal-Oriented, and Situational.

(continue to part II)

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